Eden Prairie Historical Society’s Annual Meeting 2019 & 50th Anniversary Celebration

The Eden Prairie Historical Society’s annual meeting was a very special event. Sure, it was the annual meeting, but also the 50th anniversary for the society, and coincidentally the April 25th date coincides with the opening of the Consolidated School back in 1924.  The Old Consolidated School is now an Administrative Service Building, however, the Historic Gym, state of the art when built, is essentially intact and served very well for this wonderful event.  The Honorable, Paul Anderson, son of Helen Anderson, the founder of the Eden Prairie Historical Society was the keynote speaker. He did an amazing job of sharing his personal memories interspersed very effectively with his family’s and friends recollections of the life and times of an earlier time in Eden Prairie.

Here is the video of the event, it is raw footage, no edits, in two parts.


Part 1        


Part 2