Norman Rogers, Sr. and Roger Dressen Talk About Old Times

On Monday, the 26th of November Norman Rogers and Roger Dressen talked about their memories, at the home of Nancy and Allan Nicklay.


Norman and Roger are cousins, two of the Grandchildren of John and Matilda Rogers. John and Matilda had four children; Roland, Harry, Helen and Alice. Norman is a son of Roland, and Roger is a son of Helen. In addition to Allan and Nancy, Roger’s wife, Joan, and Norman’s wife, Lucille, were there. I, Norm Rogers, Jr was manning the camera.

The following video files are unedited- just as they happened. No improvements.  It could be a while before I have the right camera, right software and the right abilities to edit these videos, so I thought it might be best to post them now- as is- so at least something is available.  The sound is not great- be sure to turn up the video and your computer/phone volume..

There are two files- labeled at 1 and 2- 1 should be viewed first- that IS the beginning.